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Data Usage Monitoring

Complete visibility into your data ecosystem

K is your observability copilot for understanding what data you have, who is using your data, and how they are using it.

Obtain an accurate, unified and live view of your complex and fragment data ecosystem.

The K Differentiator

Deep visibility with easy deployment, minimal maintenance, and unmatched breadth of coverage.

Understand your Critical Data

Automatically understand which data assets are critical and which ones are not by understanding who and how data is used over time.

Automate Data Management

Automatically identify your data bottlenecks. Decommission your underutilised data. Identify risky usage of data.

Personalise Data Governance

Enable your data management activities to be personalised. Deliver personalised change notifications to business stakeholders.

Usage Monitoring

See how your data is used

“K allowed us to get our data migration started quickly, confidently track and deliver the migration, and now is a key part of how we manage and scale the correct use of data across hundreds of data consumers.”

James Gouletsas
Circular Economy Systems

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