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Data Governance

Let K help your governance teams fast-track value delivery and increase their impact.

Effective data governance is often slow to set up and labour intensive to run. It takes time for data governance teams to understand the data ecosystem and design the appropriate governance frameworks.

K lets governance teams fast-track this process. Through K you can quickly understand how and who is using data. Easily identify your most critical data (e.g., CDE) or who is using sensitive data (e.g., PII). Use to auto-document your data assets in a fraction of the time. And importantly, deliver that value to relevant business and technical users.

The K Differentiator

Streamline data governance activities

Automate data tagging

K can automate the tagging of data assets to collections (e.g. CDE and PII) to minimise data governance gaps

Integate Data Quality

Use K to capture DQ results from tools like Great Expectations and DBT. ​​Alert the right people to DQ failures and leverage workflow tools like JIRA to address data problems.

Personalised governance insights

Personalise insights and recommendations for each Data owners and Data Stewards to improve the governance, quality and usage of key critical data assets.

Data Governance

Empower risk-based data governance
with governance intelligence

“K allowed us to get our data migration started quickly, confidently track and deliver the migration, and now is a key part of how we manage and scale the correct use of data across hundreds of data consumers.”

James Gouletsas
Circular Economy Systems

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