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K is not another Data Governance tool

At KADA we are rethinking the way Enterprises manage their data ecosystem.

We’ve built a solution for Enterprises that are frustrated with their existing data governance and management tools. Frustrated that they are difficult to use, unable to keep up with the evolving business needs, and the inability to be engaging for data users.

We understand these frustrations because we felt them ourselves. That's why we built K.

K is like a GPS for your data ecosystem. It sees the who, what, how, where and why behind each piece of data across the Enterprise. Down to the column. And it helps every data user navigate through the noise to deliver value faster.

Whether you are an Data Analyst, Scientist, Steward or Manager, K can help you engage with your data like never before

Know who used this data set and how. No guessing

Save time and reduce cost

Knowing is half the battle. And K automatically captures how your people use data and makes that knowledge easy to find. This will change the way your data users collaborate.

Less guessing. Less mistakes. Faster analysis. More value.

Navigate your data ecosystem

Move faster with confidence

K learns what is important and trusted across users, teams and the Enterprise to help each user navigate to the data they need.

Like GPS for data. Quickly cut through the noise to improve productivity and quality.

Shine the light on your dark critical data

Identify your data risks early

Governing all data is a near impossible task.

By harnessing our technology to surface what data your Enterprise relies on, you can govern your most critical data elements and quickly detect new elements as they emerge.

K Features

K is packed full of features to provide an extra set of eyes, ears and hands for every data user. Data Tracking, Intelligent Search, Knowledge Capture, Trust Scoring, Usage Insights, Impact Analysis, Lineage, Chrome Extension. And many more.

How our customers are using K

Decommissioning legacy data platforms

Instead of taking 6 months to analyse thousands of data assets manually for a cloud data migration project, our customers used K to complete the analysis in 20% of the time and cost.

Identifying and reducing risk

Our customer use K to identify risky data usage patterns and enable proactive controls to satisfy evolving data risk regulations

Optimising the data ecosystem

Customer are using K to identify opportunities to optimise heavily used sets of data and remove underused data to save cost and clean up their ecosystem

Finding and monitoring critical data

Regulators are increasing their focus on the data critical to businesses. Our customers are using K to help them find and monitor the data their business rely on without having to ask a single person

Building a culture of trusting data

Data is a competitive advantage - if it is used. Our customers use K to uplift and scale the use of and trust in data

A new approach to data self service

Struggling to govern your data self service solutions? Our customers use K to identify which data processes are safe to continue ungoverned and which require hardening as they are become increasingly business critical

Let us show you how your data is being used

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