Know & trust
your data  

KADA is a personalised data knowledge platform for your data ecosystem. Hosted on your cloud or ours.

Connect your data products wherever they live
Build trust &
knowledge into
your data

Whether you are building a data mesh or migrating to the cloud, use KADA to unify your metadata and knowledge to enable more users to trust, understand and use your data products.

Stop hiding your data in the dark

Data workers have limited knowledge of how data has been used, what data can be trusted and what issues exist.

K combines data discovery, data observability and knowledge management to makes it easy to discover, trust and understand the right data for the right use case.

You can trust K to scale the data know-how as you scale up your data workforce and data products.

K for Data Analysts

Like Twitter, Data analysts can now receive personalised data updates to stay in the loop on the latest changes and new knowledge created.

Remove the noise and focus on what is important.

K for Data Engineers

Track the usage of your data products from launch to decommission.

Understand lineage across data products, domains and teams to deliver a high performing data ecosystem.

K for Data Owners

Whether it's distributed or centralised governance you are looking for, K makes managing data assets easy.

Verify what data can be used for, track usage, and manage issues in a single place.

Make your data easy to discover, trust and understand
Data trust scoring

K automatically measures trust by tracking key features about your data products.

Data users can use this score to quickly discover the right data to use, and to support migration, audit, and governance use cases.

Personalised updates

What's better than search?
A guide that knows what you need.

K brings a personalised experience to data discovery, telling each data worker about new reports, changes to data, and policy changes that matter to them

Data Product Observability

K tracks metrics about each of your data products to gain insight into their health and value.

Data producers and Owners can use these insights to manage their data product lifecycle from launch to decomissioning.

Smart Data Governance

At the rate data grows, governing all data is an impossible task.

Using K, you can instead focus on governing data that is being used. K profiles and automates most of the governance effort, leaving you to spend time on what matters.

Automated lineage

If you have spent lots of time troubleshooting data issues, you know the value of accurate, up-to-date lineage.

Use K to track lineage across products, domains and teams. Reduce the pain of changes by using our impact assessment tool to generate personalised updates to every impacted data worker.

Source of Data Knowledge

Making technical and domain knowledge accessible is critical to scaling the value of data.

K automatically captures knowledge and creates feedback loops to capture additional context and create an always
up-to-date knowledge base

How K works
K tracks how every data products is used to deliver personalised insights to every data worker
  1. Integrate metadata & logs with your databases, data lakes and data tools.
  2. K automatically learns how your data products are used.
  3. Enable your data workforce to discover and understand data as it evolves.
  4. K connects to your collaboration & productivity tools to deliver value where the work happens.
Scale trust & knowledge
in your data