Turn Data into Value with Knowledge

KADA is a knowledge management solution that makes data easier to understand and use.
Seamlessly capture, intelligently organise and deliver the right knowledge at the right time to every data user across the organisation

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Scale your most valuable asset with Knowledge

Track how data is used to make it easier to manage and govern

Managing and governing all data is impossible. So focus on what matters - the data you regularly use to answer your most important questions.

Unlock institutional knowledge to build data products faster and better

Knowledge about how to use data shouldn’t be siloed. It should be easily discoverable and available. Capture knowledge automatically in an automated knowledge base. No more silos. Less duplication. Faster results.

Build confidence by using the latest data available

Data is the backbone of any business but staying on top of how it changes and is used is difficult. Let the right people know when data is created or changed. Less blindspots means better quality outcomes.

Introducing K:
The first enterprise Data knowledge platform

See who is using data across data platforms and tools

Capture data knowledge automatically as data is used

Get personalised update about data as it is created, changed and used

Identify and track your most valuable data whilst ignoring all the noise

Intelligently search for data that is captured with context and purpose

Manage risk proactively by identifying counter-productive data behaviours

K is deployed on AWS, Azure, GCP and Openshift and integrates with many Data Platforms and Tools

How our Customers use K

Decommissioning Data Warehouses

Migrating data warehouses to cloud involves analysing millions of data assets manually.

Rather than take 9 months to complete the analysis our customers used K to complete the analysis in 20% of the time and cost.

Proactively reducing
Data risk

Regulators are increasing their focus on the data critical to businesses and how they are managed.

Our customers are using K to move from reactive controls to proactively identify and monitor the data their business relies on.

Building a
Self-service Data culture

A modern data driven Enterprise needs a strong data culture built upon knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Our customers use K to automatically inform their data analysts, engineers and scientist about data and content changes

The fastest way to get more from your data

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