Your intelligent copilot for building data trust
across your organisation


Combining data observability & governance to build trust

Advanced data monitoring

Monitor usage of your data across the data ecosystem over time. From data products down to individual attributes. Focus your governance efforts on critical and heavily used data assets.

Insights on data usage

Understand how users, teams and business units are using your data products. Easily identify all key stakeholders, data owners, and data stewards that need to be engaged.

Suggestions to reduce cost & risk

Let K help you identify opportunities to reduce data cost and where risky usage is occurring. Fast track governance activities through automatic detection of potential PII.

Powerful knowledge centre

Build data trust through capturing and scaling knowledge from your experts to your organisation. Automatically notify people that are directly impacted by data changes.


Connect K to your data ecosystem

From Snowflake, Oracle, Tableau, Microsoft, dbt and many more

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Product Feature

Usage x Lineage

Make lineage useful by understanding which flows are actively used, by which teams, and for what purpose.

Unprecedented depth

See field level lineage with unprecedented details such as calculations and logic.

Visual Governance

Quickly navigate through a data flow, deep dive on data elements, and take actions to improve controls and knowledge.

Automated lineage

Access accurate lineage maps that automatically update as data flows change.

Product Feature

Impactful impact assessments

Turn impact assessments into personalised change notifications. Fast track data incident investigation and root cause analysis to expedite incident response times.

Increase in efficiency in managing data incidents
Decrease in data migration change management efforts
Product Feature

Bridging business & data

Automatically connect your business glossary to your data assets

5 stars

"Being able to connect the business concepts to our data products has made it easy to onboard new data consumers. They can self service from their own context from Day 1."

James Gouletsas - Data Product Manager
Container Exchange Services

Product Feature

A Copilot for all Data Personas

A Copilot that intimately understands your data ecosystem. Empowering:

  • Data users to stay informed, access data they trust and accelerate productivity
  • Data govenance managers to streamline and priorities governance activities
  • Data projects to quickly understand the data ecosystem and what data assets and users they are impacting
  • Data owners and stewards to effectively govern and manage their data assets
Increase in effective and maintained documentation
Decrease in data discovery efforts for project and data teams

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