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Data Discovery

Use data trust & knowledge to find the right data to use

K is your metadata copilot for finding the right data to use for any use case.

K tracks data trust and data knowledge to help every data worker to find the right data asset or product to use.

The K Differentiator

Trust as a critical factor for promoting the right data to use

Automated Trust Score

K scores the trust of every data asset. K uses a variety of signals to calculate trust including governance, usage and quality attributes.

Trust powered Search

K unified search engine leverages trust to promote the highest quality data asset to your business and technical use cases.

Trust infused lineage

K uses trust to help business and technical users visually navigate and discover key data flows.

Data Discovery

Search for the right data to use

“K allowed us to get our data migration started quickly, confidently track and deliver the migration, and now is a key part of how we manage and scale the correct use of data across hundreds of data consumers.”

James Gouletsas
Circular Economy Systems

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