Make data great again

Data is driving the digital transformation of enterprises across every industry. Enterprises are becoming more data driven in order to create competitive advantages, drive better customer outcomes and to be more efficient.

But the growth in volume and use of data within an Enterprise is overwhelming. The current manual and reactive approaches to manage data cannot keep up with customer, regulatory and board expectations about how businesses manage data. We are now seeing the results of this legacy - data errors and mistakes leading to significant penalties, losses and CEO's being fired.

At KADA, we believe that Enterprises need proactive and intelligent data management tools that can identify risks early and help data workers deliver more accurate outcomes faster. Our goal is to bring application monitoring capabilities to data in order to track how data is used, capture critical knowledge, and scale the value of data across the Enterprise. We want to see every data worker in every Enterprise be confident, productive and delivering real value.

The Founders

We have built a team of product managers and engineers with extensive experience in building and managing Enterprise data ecosystems. We are using that experience to build the first data monitoring platform for the Enterprise.

Dean Nguyen

Co-Founder & CEO

Ben Chin

Co-Founder & CTO

Raf Cinaglia

Co-Founder & Chairman

Our Office

Find us at Level 10, 130 Pitt Street Sydney NSW Australia 2000